Market Intel and Stats

Exceeds works with YOU as the developer to decide what the site is best suited for.

  • Local Analysis

    The first key component of Intel is to take a close look at the local area. Gather key demographics and demand in the region.

    Local Developments

    Now lets take a close look and see what developments and properties are currently for sale and proposed in the immediate and local area.

  • Price Per SQ FT

    Price per square foot is a very important piece of infomation that will be one of the huge deciding factors in the proforma and feasability analysis.

    Buyers Analysis

    Who are the buyers and the specific target market for this development. It is important we understand our target market inside and out.

  • Go or No?

    It's time to take all of the information for your development and decide if it's a "Go or No"? If it's a GO, let's move to the long-term branding strategy.